An Experienced Florida DUI Lawyer

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Florida, it is extremely important that you contact a Florida DUI Lawyer immediately. Hiring an experienced lawyer to represent you throughout your Driving Under the Influence charge can mean the difference between having the charges against you dismissed or reduced or spending jail time.  Quite often, though seldomly admitted, the outcome of your DUI charge be determined, not only by the legal skills and knowledge of the defense attorney, but also by the relationships between the DUI lawyer that you choose and prosecutor in the State Attorney’s office.

Having an experienced Florida DUI lawyer is important to your case for many reasons. First, a knowledgeable DUI lawyer is able to analyze the technical aspects of your DUI case, such as whether the breathalyzer results are valid and accurate or whether the arresting officer had probable cause to pull you over or to make an arrest, both of which could lead to a dismissal of your charges or a reduction in your charge.  On the contrary, the right DUI lawyer can also advise you when it might be in your best interest to accept a plea bargain or to proceed to trial. Whatever the case, a Florida DUI Lawyer is critical to properly defending your charge.

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