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Ever been arrested for a probation or community control violation?  The FCC attorneys represent clients throughout Florida who have been accused of violating probation.  We offer a free case evaluation with a skilled Florida criminal defense attorney to discuss your charges so we can determine what we can do.

About Florida Probation Violations

Being charged with probation and community control violation is very serious.  If a probation officer or any type of law enforcement officer for that matter has reasonable grounds to believe that an offender in community control has violated their terms, he or she can make an arrest without a warrant. The suspected offender would be returned  to the court where probation was granted.  If the court finds out that a probationer violated the terms of his probation, the trial judge is authorized to issue a warrant for his immediate arrest.

The person accused has the right to a hearing, at which the court may change, revoke or continue the defendant’s term  of probation or community control.  If the court takes back probation or community control, the defendant will therefore be found guilty of the original offense for which he received probation.  The court may also impose the original sentence for that offense.

Contact a Florida Probation Violation Attorney

Whatever the specific probation violation charges they charge you, you will need a determined defense lawyer to protect your rights and interests and help you avert the worst—the maximum penalties for the original offense for which you were convicted.

Contact a Florida criminal defense lawyer if you’ve been accused of a probation or community control violation.