Florida Expungement Lawyer

All Florida Expungement and Florida Sealing requests are handled with a team approach, guaranteeing you the fastest and most effective method for obtaining results.

Expungement of Your Criminal Record

There are two types of requests concerning a Florida Expungement. In both case, a formal procedure is required.

The first type of request is usually done by first time offenders or by juveniles. This request is for individuals who want us to arrange expungement as part of a plea or sentencing agreement. On the other hand, the second request is for us to determine and follow up if the expungment of the pursuant took place to an agreement or court order.

For more information regarding criminal record expungement, please contact our experienced team of criminal defense attorneys.

Criminal Records Sealed

Can the criminal records of an arrest or conviction be sealed?

This is a frequently asked question we encounter on a daily basis. A criminal record (criminal arrest or conviction) can be sealed but there are several factors that need to be considered. To know your chances on this case and to help you file the proper motions to request, we have our experienced criminal defense attorneys to aid you all throughout.

If you are considering whether you are eligible to have your Florida criminal record expunged or sealed, contact us today for a Free consultation.