Florida Drug Possession Defense Attorney

Drug Possession – Distribution of Narcotics – Cocaine Trafficking

FCC’s nine offices all over south, southwest and southeast Florida have drug possession defense attorneys and drug trafficking crimes lawyers who minister to clients charged with drug possession, distribution of narcotics, illegal prescription drug sales, or manufacturing drugs.

Florida Drug Charges

FCC has teams of attorneys that can attend to every client’s concerns. Each team member is purely experienced and fully equipped with strength, knowledge and skills that a lawyer should possess.

We can provide experienced lawyers who can represent you in all drug crime charges, whether in state or federal court, such as the following:

  • Drug possession – including cocaine, heroin, marijuana, narcotics, oxycontin, and other illegal prescription drug possession
  • Drug possession with intent to distribute (also referred to as drug dealing or drug trafficking) – including selling cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and illegal prescription drugs and narcotics
  • Drug manufacturing – including manufacturing methamphetamines (crystal meth) and other synthetic drugs or narcotics

Rest assured, our entire criminal defense attorneys are not someone who’s still learning the rope but someone who’s experienced enough to properly represent you in court. We feel our client’s concerns and we understand that’s why we give everything in our power to provide the very best defense for you…