Florida DUI Breath Test

The breath test is a device that detects and measures alcohol in expired air so as to determine the concentration of alcohol (Blood Alcohol Content) to a person suspected of DUI of alcohol or drugs and is commonly administered by law enforcements.

People charged with DUI are usually proven guilty once the result of the breath test results, which is the strongest piece of evidence against the person charged, prove that he or she is driving under the influence.  However, it is not at all times that the result of the breath test is the ultimate determining factor that can prove a person charged as either guilty or innocent.  There is still a way for lawyers to suppress the results of the breath test by finding a way out of such case through proper review of details and available facts in order to formulate the best defensive argumentation.  The breathalyzer is a device which can malfunction when not administered properly and this can be a good defence on the part of the person accused with DUI.  An experienced Florida DUI Lawyer has the necessary skills to advise you about the results of a breath test and help asses the validity of the final result.

There are certain factors which could lead to the malfunction, inaccurate results and improper use of the device and these are:

  1. The breathalyzer was not certified.
  2. The breathalyzer was improperly calibrated.
  3. The police officer failed to administer the test properly and instead went on with the test by instructing “keep blowing”
  4. The police officer could have possibly interfered with the results because he or she was so busy with other things.
  5. Having a higher and inaccurate reading due to instances of having a drink prior to the stop.

    If you or your loved ones are charged with DUI and believe that you experienced the circumstances above, please let us know because these factors can be the key in suppressing your breath test results and so that our expert and well-experienced lawyers can help you now.