Florida DUI Defense Strategies.  There is a fine line in either being successful or losing a case in terms of facing a DUI charge and this often lies in the hands of the expertise of the lawyers representing on behalf of their clients.  To assure that you receive the best service that we can offer, it is extremely important that you find a Florida DUI Lawyer that will always review each specific case carefully in order to ensure them of success and in order to provide the best defense needed to win the case.

You should be aware that each DUI case is unique and should not be treated simply.  Thus, it is in the hands of the Florida DUI Lawyer to review each detail carefully and use the available facts of the case properly in order to present the best defense needed for the client’s sake.

To provide the best defence possible and if you think that any of the things stated are somehow relevant to you or your loved one’s case, give us a call now so we can help you.  The list below are possible DUI defence strategies that you can use which can have a good effect and may increase your possibility of winning the case.

  • Police corruption and misconduct.
  • No probable cause to pull you over by the police officer.
  • No probable cause for the arrest by the police officer.
  • Stopping the vehicle on illegal grounds.
  • Improper administration of the breathalyzer.
  • Improper administration of field sobriety test.
  • Field sobriety test failure due to circumstances such as illness, injury, conditions, or other outside causes.

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