Florida Drug Crime Attorneys

If you are accused of federal drug trafficking, caught in the situation where a federal agency got involved in your investigation and you are about to face serious criminal charges in federal court, this means that your rights and freedom are at stake. You need to make a quick action to avoid being convicted.

You may not notice that the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), ICE (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement) or DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) has been conducting an investigation about your suspected drug trafficking activity for some time, or worse, they might already have extensive evidence against you.

In situations like this, you would need a Florida criminal defense attorney on your side to save you from any further indictments. You need immediate and aggressive representation of a criminal defense law firm that is capable and competitive enough to protect your interests, and has the knowledge and resources to free you from any charges.

Precisely, FCC drug trafficking lawyers can give you that level of representation. We take advantage of our over 100 years of combined legal experience to carefully handle all types of federal drug trafficking cases throughout Florida. To help you get started, our knowledgeable attorneys at our firm can offer a free case evaluation and consultation.

Florida Federal Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyers

Federal drug trafficking involves cultivating, manufacturing, distributing, selling, transporting, importing and exporting illegal narcotics or prescription drugs either on an interstate or international level. Most often federal drug trafficking charges will involve large amounts of controlled substances. The penalties for this type of offense may include long-term imprisonment (possibly even a life term), extremely heavy fines, probation, narcotics offender registration, probation and more.

Contact a Florida criminal defense attorney at FCC to learn more about fighting your federal drug trafficking charges.