Forgery and counterfeiting.  They are two criminal offenses involving alteration of real  documents or creation of false documents or goods for personal gain or to commit fraud.  A number of specific offenses are covered under forgery and counterfeiting in Florida Statutes.  The penalties and severity of the crimes depend on the offense per SE as well as what was altered or created.
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Some of the specific types of forgery and counterfeiting offenses that our criminal defense attorneys can handle include:

  • Uttering forged instruments
  • Forging or counterfeiting private labels
  • Counterfeiting legal tender
  • Forging or counterfeiting prescription blanks
  • Check forgery
  • Forging bank documents, bills or promissory notes
  • Counterfeiting coin
  • Possession of instruments for forging legal tender
  • Creating instruments to forge legal tender
  • Forging or counterfeiting a doctor’s certificate of examination
  • Counterfeiting controlled substances

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