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An infraction which involves defrauding an insurance company by making a fraudulent claim or by destroying one’s own property to collect insurance money is called insurance fraud. This kind of fraud may be committed in regards to insurance of any type:auto, homeowner’s, life, medical and more.  Essentially, an individual or an institution may face allegations of fraud if it is discovered that the the claim may have been filed when no actual losses occurred, when the value of the property lost is lower than the value of the claim, or when the damages were caused by the insured himself/herself.

The fact that the insurance fraud may be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor depend on the actual chances of the offense as well as the value of intended or actual damages to the insurer.  If you are under investigation for insurance fraud, contact a Florida criminal defense attorney at FCC immediately.  Much is at stake.  You will need an attorney to protect your interest throughout all court proceedings.

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Whatever the circumstances of your case, it is important to discuss your options with a lawyer immediately.  A free consultation with a Florida insurance fraud attorney is offered at FCC to help you get started.