Florida Juvenile Crime Attorney

Drug Offense – DUI – Shoplifting – Sexual Battery – Underage Drinking

FCC’s nine offices all over south, southwest and southeast Florida have juvenile crime defense attorneys who take charge in protecting minors convicted with doing a crime such as driving drunk, possession of illegal substance (i.e. marijuana, cocaine, etc.), and the like.

Experienced Florida Juvenile Crime Attorneys

Florida is a place with high population of young residents, especially in the southern part, including Naples, Venice, Fort Myers, Sarasota, and the Florida Keys. More so, it is a major vacation spot for teenagers, students and minors from all over the country. Because of these, a tendency for juveniles in Florida to be involved in a crime is greater. If you or your child happens to be charged with a crime within the state, FCC is here to help you get out the transgression.

Our dependable criminal defense attorneys are here to provide you the legal defense you need. Our juvenile crime lawyers all have more than enough experience, knowledge and skills in handling such cases.

We have extensive experience in dealing with juvenile offenses such as the following crimes:

  • Alcohol related offenses – including underage drinking, DUI, and vehicular homicide, as well as administrative review hearings
  • Drug crimes – including drug possession (such as marijuana, illegal prescription drugs, narcotics, and cocaine) and drug dealing (also referred to as drug trafficking or possession with intent to distribute)
  • Sex crimes – including sexual assault, sexual battery, solicitation, prostitution, and sexual crimes against children
  • Traffic tickets – including reckless driving and speeding
  • Theft crimes – including shoplifting (or petty larceny), attempted robbery, burglary, and bad checks
  • Violent crimes – including bar fights, arson, assault, and assault with a deadly weapon
  • White collar crime – including credit card fraud and identity theft