Florida Drivers License Suspension Attorney

DUI – Teenage Drunk Driving – License Revocation – Alcohol


FCC’s nine offices all over south, southwest and southeast Florida have driver’s license suspension attorneys who embody clients at formal administrative review hearings. The attorneys represent clients who are in danger of driving privileges’ suspension caused by committing charges of DUI or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Things You Need to Know About Administrative Review Hearings

From the date of DUI arrest, the defendant is only given 10 days to request a formal administrative review hearing concerning the preservation of his/her driving privileges, such as keeping the driver’s license. If there is no request done, the defendant will automatically lose his/her driver’s license. Failing a breathalyzer test will result to automatic suspension of your Florida driver’s license for six months, while refusing to submit to any test will result to suspension of your Florida driver’s license for one year.  Moreover, any favorable or unfavorable proofs acquired at the administrative review hearing can be used against you or in your favor during your criminal DUI trial.

Given this circumstances, it is advised to connect with us to embody you during the formal administrative review hearing and the criminal DUI trial.