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Obstruction of Justice Acts in Florida

Obstruction of justice is an offense involving an action or inaction done for the purpose or with the end result of blocking law enforcement, prosecutors, courts or other governmental agencies.  Some of the particular offenses that relate to obstructing justice in Florida Statutes, Chapter 843 are listed below:

  • Resisting an officer
  • Neglect or refusal to aid police officers
  • Falsely impersonating a police officer
  • Escape through negligence or voluntary action of an officer
  • Possession of a concealed handcuff key
  • Delivering tools to jail to aid in escape
  • Failure to appear after release on bail
  • Fleeing or attempting to evade law enforcement
  • Offenses against police animals
  • Unlawful use of police communications
  • Depriving the victim of a crime of medical care

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