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Organized fraud is fraud committed by conceiving schemes that conceal the sender’s identity and send the target a personalized sales message.  In Florida, there are specific laws which have been established to prosecute individuals who employ this.  Those accused of organized fraud will face prosecution under federal wire fraud and mail fraud statutes.  This makes it a criminal offense to defraud other people through interstate wires—telephone, Internet, TV, radio or via the mail.

If you have any chance of avoiding a conviction for a very serious charge involving organized fraud, you will need an aggressive, immediate representation by an experienced Florida criminal defense attorney.

If the target of this offense is a financial institution, you may ace fines of up to $1 million and up to 30 years in prison.  You cannot risk your future, your freedom, everything you have worked on.  An attorney at FCC can review your charges and identify what actions to take to protect your interests.  A free case evaluation that will help you get started is offered by the firm.

Penalties for Organized Fraud in Florida

The value of money, services or goods obtained from the victim or victims will be the bases for the penalties that a person may face for an organized fraud conviction in Florida.

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