Outstanding Warrant – Probation Termination – Bond Reduction

The criminal defense attorneys at FCC provide additional criminal defense services in nine locations in south, southeast and southwest Florida.  This includes addressing Florida warrants, ceasing probation, bond appearances or reductions, and sentence hearings.

Not only do we provide these services for our clients, we also provide these to defendants who represent themselves or in concurrence with the existing criminal defense attorney.

Florida Outstanding Warrants Attorney

Our Florida outstanding warrants attorney can aid you or any family member with any active Florida warrant, including the following:
·         Bench Warrant (usually issued for a missing court date)
·         Arrest Warrant (also known as capitals warrant)
·         Violations Warrant (also known as a probation warrant for probation violations)
Please contact an experienced Florida outstanding warrants attorney if you have an outstanding warrant.  You can schedule  a free confidential consultation with us so as to discuss how we can help you.

Florida Criminal Defense Services

We can also provide the following services in addition to representing you in the capital criminal charges:

  • Early termination of probation
  • Early appearance
  • Bond appearance (bond hearing)
  • Bond reduction hearing
  • Sentencing hearing
  • Sentence reduction
  • No Contact Orders