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The atrocity of falsely making, altering or counterfeiting a particular legal document or document of a financial nature is called forgery. It can relate to a number of documents, checks , prescription blanks, deeds, wills, testaments, bonds, bill, policy of insurance among others.  The criminal offense of “uttering a forged document” involves an individual who deliberately puts into circulation any corrupted legal document or other writing with the purpose of misrepresenting it as true and defrauding others in the process.

To “utter” is to disseminate (as in legal tender or a forged document) under the cover that it is genuine.  This act is a third degree felony in Florida and may be punishable by up to 5 years in prison and/or a fine up to $5,000.

Forgery Defense Attorneys in Florida

The FCC criminal defense attorneys are ready to help you if you have been accused of uttering a forged document.  With years of combined legal experience and unqualified determination to effectively represent the clients’ best interest, our team is  devoted to superior outcome.  When you work with a Florida criminal defense attorney at our firm you will get the benefit of our extensive resources as we probe the chances surrounding your charges and work to establish an aggressive defense scheme that will gain you aversion of a conviction.

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