If I Get Caught of Drunk Driving, What Are the Possible Penalties That I Could Get?

Different states may have different penalties with regard to drunk driving. These penalties vary widely on a lot of factors and the most common grounds are the frequency of the offense committed. Most states impose a minimum punishment on first-time offenders. First-time offenders are usually penalized with suspension of the license for a certain period of time and completion of an alcohol rehabilitation program. A second-time offender normally receives a heavier penalty. As an example, second-time offenders may be penalized with as much as a 2-year license suspension or revocation. Some states even impound the vehicles of habitual offenders or even those who are habitual drivers to minimize possible drunk driving cases.

In terms of rendering service in jail, it all depends on the situation; however, for repeat offenders it is an assurance that they will be facing jail penalties. In order to discourage people of drunk driving, some states even penalize first-time offenders by requiring that they spend time in jail. Mandatory alcohol rehabilitation programs, rendering community service and payment of heavy fines will always be there and will only vary on their combination and time of completion per penalty depending on the state and the discretion of the judge handling your case.

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